The ZineOS Wiki!


a website that allows collaborative editing of its content and structure by its users.

An experimental wiki built in ZineOS. Since I'm the only user, it only needs to be editable by me. Multi-user could be added at a later time if it comes to that.

A line with image inline Logo and text. Inline image formatting could be pretty cool. Maybe use a CSS trick with the alt text. Yolo! Yeah, that alt text trick is pretty legit. Inspect that duder! How about a link image? How about it! inline Logo Woo!

A way to explore and have fun. Starting with a basic foundation of markdown -> html and sprinkling in some css and js.

Here's another image, but bigger!




Blog Ideas

The abundance of ineffectiveness is a natural truth. All effective measures are completed and resolved, removing themselves and their condition from observation. What remains is only that which is ineffective and not yet completed. That is why what is observed in any system or human endevour is failure and mediocrity. Consciousness is only capable of observing problems.