Microformats / Semantic Web

Extract semantic data from the .md files. Probably just code blocks with a shebang or other special trigger.

RPGWikiVXAce + data/

Store tables in data/.

Some page components can be interactive. A monster page could include a widget where the reader/player could encounter the monster in a room with a pre-configured character and interact with it.

Item pages can include a similar interactive experience where the preconfigured player consumes or uses the item.

Having an embedded mini-arena will make playtesting and tuning the mechanics much easier. Automated tests could be added based on the same principle. We shouldn't automate before we've done it ourselves first.

Inline graphs can run statistical samples of the game mechanics and display them. A re-run is a single click away.

These will depend on being able to construct the gamestate from data quickly and simply.

Blog Posts

There is no such thing as wasting particular resources, only trade-offs between different ratios of expenditure. Economics approximates the optimal values for our situation. Warping the network causes corruption.